• About ስለኛ

    Since its inception in 2000, Nile restaurant and groceries has always strived to provide an authentic Ethiopian dining experience. To make this possible and the most effective way Nile has set a vision, mission, and certain values.

    • Mission - Each and every member of the Nile family holds a shared mission of working diligently to create authentic food by maximizing local resources to foster strong customer relationships. 
    • Vision - Holding true to the values and essence of the art of Ethiopian dining and cuisine, Nile aims to introduce as many people as they can to Ethiopian culture and continue preparing food deep-seated in the roots of Ethiopian cushion that also resonate with the local people.  
    • Values - Creative, warm-hearted Ethiopian hospitality, high-quality prepared food, and take our guests on a food journey to Ethiopia right from their seats by using spices, dining tradition, and music. 


  • Our Menu

    All meals are served with Enjera (Ethiopian bread made from Teff - Wikipedia)

    Vegi Combo

    Lentils, chickpeas, collard greens, cabbage, and potato.



    Lean beef, herbal butter


    Lega Tibs

    Lamb, onion, olive oil, and fresh pepper



    Alicha Dinich

    Potato, turmeric, and onion


    Kitfo Dulet

    Chopped lean beef, garlic, jalapeno pepper, mitmita(herbal spicy), herbal butter.


    Awaze Tibs

    Tender beef fried, onion, rosemary, pepper.


    Shiro Tegabino

    Chickpeas powder, onion, garlic, and veg oil


    Chicken Tibs

    Crispy New York Strip meat

    Jalapeno pepper, rosemary, and red onion


    Tomato Fitfit

    Scrambled Enjiera tossed with Tomato, Jalapeno, and Pepper.



    Berbere, tomato sauce toss with scrambled enjera (vegan and non-vegan option available)


    Derek Tibs

    Delivered fresh or frozen


    Suf Fitfit

    Sunflower, onion, and pepper



    Bright fruited and floral flavor



    Organic riched in flavor and nutrition

    black tea



    Fresh Lentil homemade


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